Doing it right!

There are 4 things all plants need: - Adequate light - Water - Nutrients - Lots of LOVE Trim off wilted/rotten leaves regularly to ensure they’re at their maximum beauty and health. To promote future blooms, dehead (cut off) flowers when they dry up.


What kind of fertilizer & how much should I use?

- Nitrate rich for an extra lush burst of leafy green - Phosphorus rich spurs more fresh flowering blooms - Phosphorus & Potassium rich helps flowers get fruiting A good gauge of the right amount will be around 5% of the soil surface area. Eg: 1/3 Tablespoon for a pot of 14cm diameter.


The following below does not include succulents*

Water when soil feels dry. No drainage holes? Less than a quarter of the pot volume. Drainage holes, yes? Water till it seeps out the bottom, clearing the excess. The soil should feel moist, but not soggy.



Direct sunlight for the majority of the day (>6hrs), including a good deal of that toasty midday sun (~12pm).

E.g. - Open-air spaces


Ensure a full dose of the morning or afternoon's direct sun, and indirect (reflected) light for the rest of the day.

E.g. - Window-sides


A pinch of direct sunlight (1-2hrs), and indirect/filtered sunlight, or bright indoor lights for the rest of the day.

E.g. - Well-lit indoor areas



Succulents thrive in bright partial sun. (E.g.: Balcony/Window/Corridor). When provided with a good amount of sun, their colours become more vivid.If they are left on a table with no sun at all, simply bring it for some sun 2-3 days per week or place it under an indoor light source.


Do not water excessively as succulents are prone to root rot. You may water more often if the area is hot, but always remember of making sure the soil dries up completely before watering.

AVOID wetting the leaves as water that don’t dry up fast enough may mar and rot the leaves too.


Pluck them off any wilting/ rotting parts, to prevent spread.For more vivid colors and well-rounded development, expose to sources of "good" stress: - Occasional extra dry conditions - Stronger doses of bright sun - Colder temperatures

The plant care shared on this website may not be applicable for all plants. Different plants may require different type of care. New Joo Guan will not be liable for any damages caused as this plant care are only for general idea purposes.